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Melin Sospan Sizzler

The next step in the Ironman journey. Melin Sospan Sizzler middle distance triathlon complete!! We've managed half the distance of an Ironman so another half shouldn't be a problem 😳

The event kicked off with a very difficult swim due to the wind and huge waves, certainly enough to take your breath away! Next up was a challenging bike section consisting of a 4000 ft climb over an undulating course. The sun came out for the run at the end and we all came in around our 6 hour target.

After the sock problems at the Cardiff Triathlon I ensured they were all laid out this time and the right way round! Also delighted with the salty buttered baby potatoes which were devoured during the bike section!

Lessons learnt this week - always wear suncream - I am sporting some very odd tan lines this week, just need to find a cream that wont cause any irritation on arms during the bike ride - any suggestions greatly received. There was also a problem with drinks at the drink stations during the run - no drinks at all at one point, and in this heat that was a huge problem. Hydration backpack may be a possible solution to this and something to consider for the main event.

Next stop Ironman Wales!

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