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Weight Lifting

Fit4Life Classes

Moderate Intensity Exercise Circuits designed to help you improve your health through exercise. 


You don't always need to push to High Intensity Exercise to help improve your health through fitness. This is what this class is designed for. Those who have never been in a gym before, those who are fed up of being pushed to high intensity, those wanting to exercise but are anxious about a class environment.


This exercise circuit is full of like minded people just like you.


Exercise should be inclusive no matter your age or fitness level. In normal exercise classes you may feel you aren't fit enough to keep up with others in the class.


No more worrying you aren't fit enough because you work to your own fitness level and achieve unbelievable results in your health and fitness.

For extra benefit, you have the option to use a heart rate monitor to make sure you are keeping to the correct intensity.

Elastic Band Exercises

Having a group class where no competition, no comparison but in a cohesive, fun way encourages me to want to do it and keep coming. I would recommend to anyone

Lynda R, 61 years old

Why Fit4Life?

Train Safer

With small group classes of up to 12 people, you are in the safe hands of experienced instructors, guiding you through the exercises and reduce the chances of injury.

Become Fitter

Feel the benefits of regular exercise and see your fitness levels sky rocket. 

Be Stronger

Our resistance based classes will help you become the strongest you've ever been before whilst staying injury free.

Join a monthly block 

Train like you've never trained before with our amazing Fit4Life classes. We structure our sessions from week 1 through to week 4 to optimally build your fitness with state of the art technology and achieve the most effective way to improve your health and fitness. 


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