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Join Our Club Now!

Registering for the club is free. Be sure to scan your app on every visit to the clinic to start collecting muscle credits and receiving rewards. You can download our web app and save this to your mobile home screen or even add your QR code to your Google or Apple Wallet.

Loyalty Rewards Terms of Use

  1. Your individual QR code must be presented at the clinic at the time of your appointment/ class to collect your muscle credits. It is your responsibility to remember to present your QR code at Reception - you will not be asked for it.

  2. We will be unable to backdate any muscle credit collections so remember to bring your QR code with you on every visit to the clinic.

  3. Muscle credits have no physical cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  4. Muscle credits can be collected during every visit to the clinic.

  5. If redeeming a reward, you must redeem your reward at the clinic. You will be unable to redeem your reward through our online booking systems.

  6. The Maximum number of muscle credits you will be able to hold is 600. Once you have reached this figure you will not be able to collect any further muscle credits when you have reached your limit and will need to redeem credits before you are able to resume collection.

  7. Muscle credits can be redeemed against a range of treatments at the clinic. In order to redeem your muscle credits you must have sufficient credits to cover the amount required.

  8. If your account has been inactive for 6 months, any credits on your account will be deleted.

  9. Muscle credits are non transferrable.

  10. From time to time Back2Front will offer special "extra credit" events so keep your eyes pealed for our regular updates. 

  11. Rewards can be changed at any time without providing any notice of change

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