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Tapering for London - Week 2

Last week, we broke down how to start your taper for the London Marathon (or any marathon).

This week, we are entering week 2 and once again, we will go through training, mileage and diet.

Week 2

This is where you will really notice the drop in your miles. There's no more long runs in your training and you're still two weeks out from the marathon. It is a really tough week mentally, but you have to push through it.

Your weekly miles should be 50% of your peak running week. So again, if your highest week was 60 miles, this week you should be looking at 30 miles tops.

Running time will be slower. It needs to be. Aim to run roughly one - two minutes off your pace. You will have a short run this week of about 4 miles maximum. This is where you can run at marathon pace, but only that run.

Although you're not running as much, you can't reduce your food intake. Your body is fighting to repair tissue and muscle so keep up with the protein but don't try any new foods. You could find yourself facing runners belly, and you don't want anything that is going to make you feel ill.

Fatty foods are your friend but avoid foods that are high in saturated fat. Pick at nuts and fish but avoid the Ben & Jerry's!

Well that's our advice for week 2. Make sure your longest run is no more than 10 miles and check back next week for the final run in.

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