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COVID-19 Research Advice

COVID-19 Research Advice - High Prevalence of Thromboembolism following COVID

You are now probably all too well aware of the symptoms of someone suffering with COVID-19 however did you know that there is a higher chance of developing a blood clot (Thromboembolism) following COVID-19.

This seems to be due to how the virus attacks the body and is more prevalent in the critically ill patients on ICU however there are incidences of thromboembolisms within the non-critically ill population.

If you have recently had COVID 19 and are presenting with calf pain without any indication of how this has come on, you may be presenting with a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Following features:

- Calf pain at rest,

- High level of pain inconsistent with injury

- Pain on stretching calf.

- Can also be hot and swollen

If this is you, this is a medical emergency so don't delay treatment!


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