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Two Weeks to Ironman Wales


With 2 weeks until the big event there’s time at the moment to reflect on how much hard work has gone into the training. The hours, miles, sweat and tears just to get to this point has been a real eye opener for me. Along with juggling running the business and having a new baby, it has been far tougher and much more time consuming than I could have anticipated. I’m certainly not disappointed that the main training is now over!

Tapering has now started and its time to get into the race mindset and focus solely on the event. Practical issues such as sock folding and sun cream have hopefully all now been ironed out and the day will run as smoothly as possible.

I’ve experimented a lot over the last few months with nutritional snacks and drinks; some more successful than others! On the day I’ll be taking buttered salted potatoes (they are a welcome change to the sugar), gels and bananas with me. On top of that some salt tablets to preload prior to the event – hopefully this will reduce the risk of cramp during the swim – I do not want a repeat of the jellyfish/leg cramp incident from a few months ago!

I have experimented with Tailwind nutrition since the long ride distance increased. I have found that it can get a bit too much in isolation so have decided to have one bottle of water and one bottle of Tailwind. Much more tolerable.

On race day you can download the Ironman Tracker App and track my progress – I’ll be Bib Number 1039.

If you are taking part I’d love to hear from you and if you are coming along to spectate please give me a shout and a wave!

Next stop Tenby!

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