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Tapering for London - Week 3

Here it is. One week to go. Everything you've been training for is just seven short days away.

Excited? Nervous? It's completely normal! Training isn't going to help you this week. So why go running you ask?

Week 3

Running is purely for your mentality this week. No run this week will exceed four miles and that is important.

Each should be one-two minutes slower than marathon pace, except for a two mile run on Tuesday. This is more to fight off the sluggish feeling that can creep in during the taper.

Three days before, go for an easy two miler. Two days before, leave those trainers on the shoe rack. If you feel some pent up energy and you need to get out, make sure it is for a jog, not a run and doesn't exceed one mile.

Make sure you stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and stick to whatever carb loading plan has worked for you throughout training.

The day before

Get your kit together, know how you're getting to your corral and plan everything the day before. There is nothing worse than waking up and panicking that you don't know where you're going or how long it's going to take.

It can be quite hard but try to get plenty of sleep as well!

During the race

And you're off! This is what you have trained for! Stick to your training plan. Know what you are going to drink or eat during the run and don't be tempted to pick up anything else at the stations!

Enjoy it. You deserve to relish the run and take in the sights. Enjoy that feeling when you cross the line and don't forget to smile!

Most importantly, if at any point during the race you don't feel 100%, stop running and seek medical advice. Don't risk injuring yourself or even worse just to finish the race. There's always next year and your health is more important.

Best of luck to everyone!!

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