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Heart Rate Classes

Control your heart rate to achieve the long term benefits of exercise


If you've ever attended a gym circuit, I'm assuming you've been told to go as hard as you can, right? This is where this class is different!

Our classes use heart rate monitors to make sure you are training at the right intensity for you.


Exercise should be inclusive no matter your age or fitness level. In normal exercise classes you may feel you aren't fit enough to keep up with others in the class. In our classes you wear a chest strap heart rate monitor giving us your real time Heart Rate data. We keep you in specific heart rate zones individual to your own heart rate so the playing field is level!


No more worrying you aren't fit enough because you work to your own fitness level and achieve unbelievable results in your health and fitness.

Elastic Band Exercises

Having a group class where no competition, no comparison but in a cohesive, fun way encourages me to want to do it and keep coming. I would recommend to anyone

Lynda R, 61 years old

Why Heart Rate Controlled exercise?

Train Safer

No matter your fitness we keep you in your own heart rate zone. Control your heart rate with real time feedback to reduce the chances of overtraining and allow our instructors to either push you harder or to reign you back in.

Become Fitter

With accurate heart rate measurements you will see real results in your fitness with a reduced Resting Heart Rate and be able to exercise more week by week whilst staying in a lower heart rate zone.

Be Stronger

Our resistance based classes will help you become the strongest you've ever been before whilst staying injury free.

Join a monthly block 

Train like you've never trained before with our amazing heart rate controlled exercise classes. We structure our sessions from week 1 through to week 4 to optimally build your fitness with state of the art technology and achieve the most effective way to improve your health and fitness. 


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