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Relaxation Massage

Lay all your worries on the table.

Relaxation massage provides a general loosening up and is an effective way to relax both the body and the mind. As part of this treatment, relaxation massage uses more soothing techniques with the aim to help you feel less tense, calmer and is a great way to recover from any stress that you may be experiencing in everyday life.

Benefits of a relaxation massage:

1. Reduces muscle tension: Muscular fatigue from over use during exercise can also be greatly reduced by having regular relaxation massages. The effects of the kneading and stroking movements to the muscle fibres help disperse/remove lactic acid build up reducing fatigue, discomfort and reducing recovery time.

2. Ease muscle pain: A trained massage therapist is able to isolate specific muscles or muscle groups to treat localised pain. As the different layers of musculature are stimulated and the body’s extremities are thoroughly treated, the body begins to open itself up more freely and relaxes. Circulation is improved, which improves localised inflammation as well as reduce fatigue, pain and improve energy levels.

3. Alleviates anxiety & depression: By creating a calming atmosphere and with the healing benefits of skin to skin contact, as well as the practical analgesic effects of massage itself, this therapy can alleviate some of the symptoms of instances of anxiety and depression. A persons overall wellness can be improved.

4. Improves sleep: Relaxation massage relaxes the client and provides relief from stress and the feeling of calm, which can help a person fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply and be less disturbed during sleep.

5. Improved immunity: By reducing stress hormones and lowering blood pressure the body is better able to target its immune response to ward off disease or infection more efficiently.

Our new treatment offers you the chance to lay all your worries on the table, take a deep breath and relax with the ‘Relaxing head, neck and face’ massage.

We hope to see you at Back2Front Physiotherapy and look forward to supporting you throughout your time of injury and recovery, but for now, I’ll leave you the link to our online booking system where you can select your 30, 45 or a 60 minute treatment of your choice…

Alternatively, call us on 01685 878737

Lauren & Jaycee


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