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Hot Stones Massage - the next level in massage treatments 🔥

Hot stone therapy is a specialised holistic approach to massage that uses, flat, smooth, heated stones to encourage relaxation and ease tension build up in an individual’s muscle and connective tissue.

A hot stone massage may begin with a traditional Swedish massage technique to prepare your muscles with the therapist employing a variation of strokes through application of both the stones and the therapist’s hands. The stones are prepared prior to your treatment. Additionally, the stones are placed in water before application reaching temperatures between 50 – 60°C.

On arrival, you will discuss with your therapist which area of the body you would like to be treated and the intensity of the treatment that you require; Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage. Following the discussion with your therapist, the stones are then tested on you to ensure the heat is appropriate for your skin type and to make sure you experience a soothing, relaxing and enjoyable massage experience.

Now, it is time to relax … and treatment will begin.

What is a Hot Stone Massage good for?

In aid of recovery, this form of complementary therapy is a technique which has been proven beneficial in enhancing relaxation, significantly reducing stress and anxiety, creating a sense of comfort, ease and warmth. Additionally relieving the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

As part of your treatment, a hot stone massage can:

  1. Boost Circulation

  2. Release tension build up

  3. Recharge energy levels

  4. Encourage relaxation

  5. Aid recovery process

Hot stone therapy is also believed to have multiple health benefits for those individuals who experience:

  1. Muscular pain

  2. Poor circulation

  3. Fibromyalgia

  4. Rheumatic & arthritic conditions

  5. Back pain

  6. Stress

  7. Insomnia

Hot Stone Tips – Not your average Hot Stone Massage Experience

Ensuring you are eligible for full relaxation, we propose a 45-minute massage experience, allowing you plenty of time to wind down, relax and lay all your worries and stress on the table. However, as part of our treatment options, we also welcome you to experience both our 30 and 60 minute treatments in accordance with your treatment reasoning; relaxation purposes or deep tissue massage.

  • Always ensure your therapist has a clear understanding of any medical conditions that you may have – in particular, those suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure.

  • Don't be afraid to tell your therapist if the stones are too warm for you - they can be heated to 50 – 60°C. You'll relax much more quickly and start enjoying that soothing feeling of total well-being if you're comfortable.

  • Lastly, hot stone massage is a treat, indulge in your massage experience and allow yourself the time and space to fully relax.

We look forward to seeing you at the Clinic and being a part of your journey through recovery and relaxation. I’ll leave you the link to our online booking system where you can select from our 30 , 45, or 60 minute treatments…

In the meantime, if you are interested in booking this service or have any questions about this form of treatment, do not hesitate to get in touch via email, social media, or telephone

Telephone: 01685 878737

Massage Therapists

Lauren & Jaycee


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