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Clare's experience and her top tips for looking after yourself post lockdown

The week we went into lockdown was my best week ever at Back2front Physiotherapy. My client base had been growing and growing since joining the clinic in April 2019. That week, my diary was almost full with so many lovely clients booked in and enjoying every minute of my job until... Boom!!! We had to close the premises, all my clients had to be cancelled and the anxiety started setting in. I had so many conflicting thoughts about the virus verses economy.

- When will I next see my family and friends?

- What about those poor families who are losing their loved ones to this terrible virus?

- What about my job? Will I ever get back? Will people want to book in? 

My first couple of weeks in lockdown wasn't as bad as I thought. I could have a lie in, a couple of glasses of rose whenever I wanted, watching every documentary on Netflix, had time to read a book.. this is great or so I thought.

By the 3rd week the realisation of all that was around me was starting to sink in and was becoming more and more daunting. Being all upbeat one day to feeling pretty low the next, I'm sure we were and potentially still are going through the same mix of emotions

I realise that mental health and anxiety must be rife out there now so I have decided to put my own positivity plan together. It really helped me out when I needed it and can help you out to create some structure.

Here was my plan:

1) Connect- I will ring my family and friends regularly to check up on them

2) Exercise - Once a day I will go for my walk and join in with Chris with his 10min online work out

3) Love - Enjoy quality time with my loved ones 

4) De-stress - Finally teach my partner how to do a proper massage to ease those knots in my shoulders!! I taught him well I was a new woman. Haha 

All that anxiety/tension was gone, releasing those endorphins, getting oxygen and nutrients to my muscles, helping with circulation and relaxation. 

I'm hoping to see you all very soon on my return to the clinic on Monday July 27th. The diary is already booking up quickly and I can't overestimate the health benefits of massage with not only the physical aspect but also for mental wellbeing.

At Back2front Physiotherapy, we have put all precautionary measures in place at the clinic so you should feel very safe on attending. We aren't able to offer head and neck massages at the moment and won't be providing any pregnancy massages unfortunately. We will try to reintroduce these when we are able to.

But for now, i'll leave you the link to our online booking section where you can book in for a 30, 45 or 60 minute treatment with me. Just leave a little note to say which treatment you'd prefer...sports, swedish, hot stones or aromatherapy.

Alternatively call us on 01685878737.

Can't wait to see you all.



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