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Not your average


We are proud to be able to help so many people living in Aberdare and the surrounding areas. We can tell you how good we are, however we can;t thank our patients enough for leaving these 5 star reviews. They are better than any words we could use.

These patients are now superhuman again.

A combination of individual appointments and group Pilates is definitely making an improvement to my back pain, and I have noticed I'm taking less Tramadol through the day.

Adele Evans

These people are amazing! They advise and show you what exercises to do plus a massage is given to relieve the initial pain, pure bliss when you've suffered with back pain for many years. The exercises are not pain staking or vigorous, you can do them at your pace. This place is pure genius, Thank you Danielle and Back2Front Physiotherapy.

Emily Williams

I've been to see the team a few times to fix injuries and help prevent them as well as going to their Pilates classes. By sticking to the prescribed strengthening and stretching, all my injuries have been fixed. I'm now getting regular sports massages to help prevent further problems.

I've found the team extremely knowledgeable, thoroughly explaining the injury, why it happened and how it can be fixed. Personally, I love all the technical detail and Chris is always happy to share his expertise. I have wanted to try Pilates for a long time as it's been recommended by many surfers. I'm glad I have as it's much more of a physical challenge than I expected and I'm looking forward to pushing the exercises further.

Ben Marsden

I was so happy with my treatment. I was unable to run or even walk due to the pain in my quad muscle for several weeks. Chris has enabled me to run again, pain free, in a very short space of time. Can't thank him enough. Wish I had gone sooner!

Angharad Edwards

I cannot recommend Chris and his team enough.
Just over 7 months ago, I was in agony every day; emotionally and physically drained from 3 years of back pain and an operation to remove protruding discs. After 6 months of physiotherapy, I can happily say that my life has changed for the better. I am no longer scared of further injury and thanks to Chris I am determined, through physiotherapy and Pilates, to regain my health and continue to strengthen my body.

Chris was incredibly patient, very reassuring and encouraging throughout my treatment, especially on my bad days.
I can now pick my children up, take them to the park, push them on the swing and take them swimming. These little things are priceless, thank you.

Jenny Robson

I had been in pain for a number of weeks with my right arm and loosing the feeling in my fingers. After a few visits to the doctors and getting no where, a family member recommended coming here. I'm glad to say, after a few visits, the problem is solved. I would not hesitate to go back in the future if I get any other issues and it's always nice to see a friendly face , Thank you so much for everything.

Emma Broom


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