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Osteoarthritis - Treatments

Unfortunately, there is no cure for OA at present but there are many options that can help to improve and manage the symptoms that can be associated with OA. Treatment options for OA can be categorised into conservative management, and non-conservative management.

Conservative treatments should be used in combination before being ruled out. For example, Physiotherapy could be completed alongside using a TENS machine and also using a supportive brace. Just using heat alone, for example is unlikely to optimise your symptom management. Examples of conservative management include;

  • Physiotherapy

  • Heat and cold therapy

  • Weight loss

  • TENS machine

  • Supportive shoes and specific insoles to offload areas of the joint

  • Bracing/joint supports

  • Walking aids e.g sticks

  • Pain medication – topical NSAID’s and/or paracetamol

  • Cortico-steroid injections

Examples of non-conservative management include;

  • Joint replacement surgery

Your physiotherapist will be able to further discuss these treatment options to find a combination that will work best for you.


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