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How can Back2Front help with OA?

Over the last few weeks we have been educating you on osteoarthritis. We started this OA campaign at Back2Front on the 12th October 2022 to recognise World Arthritis Day. To round up our campaign, todays blog post is going to discuss how Back2front can play a further role in minimising the risk and managing your symptoms of OA.


Physiotherapy is the gold standard treatment modality for OA prevention and management. The physiotherapists at Back2front include myself and Christopher Watts. We are both chartered physiotherapists who have experience assessing and treating OA at various severities. We have extensive equipment and facilities that can provide the best possible exercise therapy. We will tailor physiotherapy to your personal needs and aim to help you achieve your best, whatever that may look like for you. We will assess your strength, balance and walking pattern to name a few things, and provide a thorough treatment plan to optimise these specific areas as guided by the most up to date evidence-based research.

Personal Training

Keeping strong and fit is one of the key features of OA prevention and management. Luke is our performance lead who has previously specialised in setting up and running an OA clinic as part of the National Exercise Referral Scheme. Once you have been assessed within the physiotherapy services you may wish to progress onto Luke’s personal training and exercise classes. These sessions will be completely individualised for your capabilities and goals. We pride ourselves on creating an environment for you to exercise in confidence, knowing that you are in very safe and capable hands.


Massage has many benefits to our body both physically and emotionally. Research has shown that increased stress levels can cause a significant increase in the amount of pain that we feel. Massage is a great way to relax and de-stress, helping you to manage your OA related pain. Not only can it help with your stress levels, but it can also help to ease any muscle pain or stiffness that can be associated with a more sedentary lifestyle as a result of the symptoms associated with OA. Lauren is our massage therapist at Back2Front. She is very knowledgeable about the benefits of massage and how it can help relieve physical and emotional stresses to improve the quality of your daily living.


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