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Ironman 2019 - Taming the Dragon

I always said I wouldn't ever contemplate completing a marathon.

Yesterday, I completed the 26.2 mile run following on from a 2.4 mile swim and 112 miles on the bike.

This morning I woke up an IRONMAN!

There are things you can train for but some things are out of your control. Having a broken gear cable at mile 13 left me with 2 gears until mile 65. Ran up quite a few hills before the mechanic got to me and only lost 30 mins.

Thanks for all of the support before and following the Ironman. Kirsty, you've been immense. Looking after the boys whilst I've been out training all day and dealing with me stressing the past week.

2019 was the day I tamed the dragon🐉

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