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The Running M.O.T.

The all in one running injury assessment is here. This is no ordinary testing system. We have supercharged your standard running gait analysis and have merged this with a comprehensive catalogue of evidence based tests to assess your risk of a running injury. Not only that, we provide you with a 6 week treatment plan to reduce your injury risk. Intrigued?? Carry on reading...

Why did we create the running MOT?

Up to 80% of runners injure themselves over the course of a year.

These injuries affect people's ability to look after their physical and mental health and affect their ability to do what they love.

Over lockdown many of us have started running for the first time due to the closure of gyms as a way of staying active. Running is a fantastic activity and a great way of staying fit but we do see that:

● Novice runners (<1 year of running experience) are more likely to injure themselves than experienced runners.

● Weaker runners tend to injure themselves more than stronger runners

● Large increases in the volume of running that we do make us more likely to injure ourselves

● A history of injuries is a risk factor for future injuries

As a result of the increased number of people running and the increased number of novice runners, we decided to create the “Running MOT” to identify those most at risk of injury whilst running.

What is the running MOT?

The running MOT is a comprehensive running assessment that looks at your:

● Injury history

● Training loads

● Exercise history and current exercise habits

● Running biomechanics

● Isometric and isotonic strength

● Reactive strength

● Active and passive mobility

● Static and dynamic balance

We then compare your scores to the normative data available and categorise people into high, medium and low risk of developing a running related injury.

One of the strength tests we use in the running MOT is the Copenhagen plank exercise. This is a common exercise in the world of professional football as a way of seeing whether it is safe for an athlete to return to play following an injury. In our Running MOT to be considered low risk we want our clients to be able to perform 10 repetitions of the exercise below.

Our goal with the running MOT is to help people feel more confident whilst running and to educate them on some of the risk factors of running injuries. We want our patients to feel safe to run, to feel like they have a plan to reach their running and fitness goals and feel supported during their training.

Don’t let injuries disrupt you by beginning running too much too soon, or returning to running too soon after injury. We want to keep you off the couch and keep you on the road for longer.

Along with the Running MOT, we provide a 6 week home based exercise plan, guaranteed to make you feel:

Lighter, Faster, More Powerful, More Agile

As an introductory offer, we are providing a 50% off our Running MOT if you book your assessment before 18th September using the code RUNBLOG50. Time is running out so you need to book up fast to take advantage of this unbelievable offer. Use the link below to go straight to our online booking site.

Look forward to seeing you soon


Lead Physiotherapist


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