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Not the news we wanted....

We were really disappointed to hear last Friday that Massage Therapy wasn't going to be reopening this week. We had geared ourselves up to restart and were looking forward to welcoming all our massage clients back into the Clinic. But it was not to be! Massage Therapy should now resume on April 12th and our online bookings are open from that date. We are keeping everything crossed that this will go ahead!

This week on our socials we've looked at breaking bad habits and ways to stay active while working from home.

There's no doubt that we have all slipped into some bad habits over the course of lockdown. Exercise habits, eating habits, they have all taken a hit.

We linked to a great article from the British Heart Foundation which offers tips for breaking those habits. Check it out here

The second issue, affecting so many of us, is the struggle to stay active while working from home. Our Physiotherapist Dan gave some great advice on this earlier in the week - his post can be found on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Keep an eye out next week on our socials for some great Pilates chair based exercises along with some brilliant Deskercises to keep you moving whether you are working from home or back in the office!


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