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New treatments coming to Massage Therapy

Here at Back2Front Physiotherapy, our aim is to make you feel superhuman again. Whether that is a cause from previous or current injury, experiencing aches and pains or requiring that feeling of relaxation post treatment.

As part of our role, our specialities expand across a vast spread of treatments ranging from Swedish, Sports and new offering relaxation massage. As your therapists, our mission statement is to provide multiple treatments across a diverse range of individuals and to support you unlike anybody else.

Our current background knowledge has allowed us to incorporate looking further afield as in assessing fundamental movement patterns your sport/activity may use with the potential lead to injury risks and therefore how we as therapists can assist you through our treatments with injury preventions. Throughout our studies, we have successfully completed ITEC level 3, 4 and 5 qualifications in massage therapy whilst both optimising our strengths within knowledge of anatomy to further progress within the rehabilitation and psychology aspect of an individual’s injury process.

Lauren has had first-hand experience with undergoing and understanding the process of injury and reaps the benefits of using massage therapy as an holistic approach to benefit your physical health as well as your mental well-being.

Jaycee’s specialties lay within the rehabilitation aspect of your injury process and will make sure you have the correct knowledge and exercises to transition through your injury process whilst making sure you feel relaxed.

To continue the growth of massage therapy, our vision is to transfer both knowledge and skill to our offer patients a wide range of 5* treatments and services within one practice. To enable this, we have undergone a relaxation massage course to provide our clients with the chance to unwind. To ensure we understand how our patients will be feeling throughout the treatment, we were able to test our newly developed skills on one another and experience the feeling of tension release and the ability to ‘feel like a new woman’.

This treatment is now available to book online and further details of the benefits of this type of massage will follow soon.

Lauren & Jaycee


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