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How Pilates Can Be Good For Stress

Pilates. Not for everyone. But it is a fantastic way to relieve stress, tone up and get moving.

As it is National Stress Awareness Month, we thought we would look at why Pilates is so good for managing stress. In today's busy and non-stop world, it's a great form of exercise if you want to take the time to slow down and focus on you.


Pilates is an excellent way to monitor your breathing. Having to breathe deeply allows your body to enter a state of relaxation, washing away those pesky feelings of stress.


It's an hour focused on you. A class will help to relax the mind and instead of rushing through a workout, you have to concentrate on each move. If meditation is not for you because you can't keep still, Pilates is a great choice.


As we have said previously, it's great for focusing. It encourages you to slow down and pay attention to your body. In doing so, it also improves your concentration as well! You can't just 'wing’ a Pilates move. You have to pay attention and really concentrate on getting into a position.

What else can Pilates help with?


Our ever increasing sedentary lifestyles mean we aren't moving as much as we should. We go from car to desk, desk to car and then home. Pilates is all about using precise movements to engage muscles and improve your posture. You'll notice you will sit properly and you'll stop putting pressure on your joints.

Get in shape

It may look like an easy workout but you can burn a lot of calories in a Pilates session. Coupled with some cardio (always take advice from a doctor) you'll start to notice how lean and strong you're becoming.

Interested in Pilates? Why not call us on 01685 878737 and book on to one of our classes!

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