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With the specific programme provided on the standard plan I know what to do when I get to the gym instead of jumping onto the bench press and hoping for the best.

Lee J

Professional Strength Training
to take you to the next level

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Follow our 12 month calendar of specific periodised strength training blocks to target improvements at every stage of your playing season. 

Rugby Players

Structured gym based resistance sessions per week lasting 45-60 minute professionally designed to improve you as a rugby player.

Leg Injury

Our complete evidence based strength programming will keep you on the pitch for longer and reduce your chances of suffering a rugby based injury.

Weightlifting exercises

Standard Programme

Perfect for: 
Looking to improve your rugby performance
Lacking any form of gym structure/routine​ 

Having rugby specific gym sessions instead of bodybuilder sessions
Wanting to progress into a regular 1st team player
Wanting to reduce your general rugby injury risk

Rugby Player

Elite Programme

Perfect for: 
Achieving specific rugby related goals i.e. speed, strength, power
Individually tailored specific gym workouts for your rugby position​ 

Academy player released by region and wanting to prove themselves
Pushing a 1st team player from Amateur to Semi Pro
Reducing your position specific rugby injury risk

Rugby Kick


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