The first session is split into two parts: subjective assessment and objective assessment. The subjective assessment involves taking a full history regarding your condition, previous problems in the affected area and your past medical history.

The objective assessment involves assessing your physical capabilities. Both parts of the assessment are of equal importance and only after a thorough examination can an accurate diagnosis be made

What should you bring with you?

  • Any x-rays/scans/investigations you've received 

  • Any correspondence (i.e. letters/relevant medical notes) from GP's/consultants 

  • Full list of medication you are currently taking

What should you wear?

In order to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, you will be expected to expose the relevant body part. Please bring along the following:

Men: A pair of shorts
Women: A vest top and a pair of shorts

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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